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Relocate homes from the residential moving company Boston

East Coast Boston movers offer you the best quality services at competitive rates. Whether you are shifting your home within the state or just across the street. Let residential moving company Boston be at your service.

Dependable Residential Movers

Choosing a suitable residential moving company Boston can be a challenging task. We acknowledge that there could be many reasons to move, like relocating for better job options, shifting to your new home, or finding a better rental home. Whatever the reason, maybe you need to give yourself a maximum of 3 months before the moving day because the more sorted the stuff will be, the more comfortable the move will be.

We will provide a customizable moving quote according to your specific needs. All residential moving services at East Coast depend on an hourly basis with a minimum 3-hour charge, including your travel time.

Necessary Home Preparations Before The Move

East Coast Boston Movers

The move is an excellent chance to rearrange your home with much efficiency. Before packers arrive at your doorstep, make sure to make a list of items you want to donate to charities, give away to others, or just trash items.

Especially in families with children, they collect the stuff at an enormous level. Therefore, before moving, you should go through all the kid’s sections and make sections accordingly where you want to keep the items or not before the arrival of children back to homes. Everyone acts as an accumulator, which could be a new chance to start once again.

When the residential moving company Boston arrives, you will be free from all junk, and the movers can start the loading process. You can give any useless or excess furniture to charity shops as they always welcome new stuff. In addition, if you have old furniture or art items that are still in good condition, you can sell them to friends or colleagues and pay your moving expenses accordingly.

Crucial days before the move

We consider a week before the move very crucial as we have to perform some prudent tasks during this course. You have to draw a floor plan for your next home or ask the realtor to do it. You will number the rooms and boxes adequately. You will also provide a copy to residential movers Boston so that we can have a whole outlook of the space. The movers will know each room exactly where to put everything. We will assign the rooms with boxes accordingly.
East Coast Boston Movers - Residential moving

Examine the house properly before the move

  • Walk through the house, check for insects and pests and have pesticide spraying done as it could save you from future diseases.
  • Do the carpets and flor cleaning, and get them done at an early hand.
  • Do check all other cleanings, and get in contact with a cleaning company.
  • Check if the previous occupants have taken curtains along with themselves. You probably need new curtain covers.
  • Ensure the complete coverage services of power and water supplies.
  • Have a locksmith at your service and check the locks for your protection.
  • Call the security company and change the security alarms to avoid future robberies.
  • Ensure that the smoke alarms work well.
  • Check the fence outside to ensure that it is secure to keep the dogs in it.
  • If it is winter, turn on the stoves to provide warm effects.
  • Locate the nearest marketplace for grocery items and common daily goods like bread, milk, and oats.
It sounds like much work to do, but being organized makes a move so much easier, and if possible, take a whole week off from work to move and resettle.

On the Day of Move

The East Coast residential movers Boston will arrive at your destination at the specified time with all the necessary equipment to shift you to your new home. You have to bring all the documents and paperwork in a suitcase. We will have a little assessment of your contract, and then the movers will start their work with much efficiency. With residential moving company Boston, your move will be straightforward as it seems. We will ensure the smooth stream of your movement. All you need to do is say goodbye to your neighbors and have a coffee in your newly furnished home right after we are done with moving and assembling services.
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East Coast Boston Movers Residential moving services team will ensure that your move goes according to plan and you will soon be settled in your new home.

Contact us to get a free estimate at 617-716-6501 or fill out the form to get an estimate in seconds.

Payment methods

 For local moves, you must pay in full at completion of your job. Unless otherwise arranged, payment for local moves is due at the end of the job by CASH, CHECKS, or VISA/MC/DISCOVER/ /AMEX. If you wish to pay by credit card, we charge a 5% convenience fee. Payment for loading rental trucks, self-moving containers is by cash, credit card or personal checks.