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Partial Packing Services

East Coast Boston Movers provides partial packing to ensure the well being of the delicate goods and breakables. 

We all know someone who is “good” at packing. He or she has probably moved a bunch of times and has a system in place to help things go smoothly. We love people like that! But in truth, in any move, there may still be a few unique items that require a professional touch

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Partial Packing

Partial packing is the packing, wrapping or crating of glass tops, TV sets, pictures, mirrors, glass items, lamps, china cabinets, and all upholstered furniture. Partial packing is a great option for individuals who can pack most items, but need help packing up remaining items

Partial packing Wardrove Box - East Coast Boston Movers

Fold your clothes neatly and pack them with linens in medium-sized boxes. And here’s a little trade secret that works wonders: Place dryer sheets between your clothes and linens to keep them wrinkle free and smelling fresh. If possible, use a wardrobe box for dresses and suits that you would prefer to remain hung.


It is easy to over pack a box of books because it tends to get heavy fast. This is why you should always use a small yet hefty box. Lay books flat to avoid bending covers or pages, and be sure to stack the books to the top of the box, so the box isn’t likely to cave. Remember, small boxes work best.



Our technique for packing lamps includes packing the base and the shade in two separate boxes. If you are packing multiple lamps, try to avoid the temptation to pack more than one shade in each box. It is possible that the metal from one shade may ruin another. You can use your judgment here, though.


The kitchen is often everyone’s least favorite room to pack up because it often has the smallest and most delicate stuff. And if you have a lot of glass or fine china, you’ll want to take special care to follow these packing tips when moving. For china, we always suggest using a china box. The box itself is designed to protect the dishes when packed properly. Here’s how to pack the box properly. First, place white paper at the bottom for a cushion. Then, wrap each fragile item in white paper and place them in the box vertically. Place another piece of white paper between each dish to keep them from rubbing together. Never stack glasses on top of each other unless there is ample cushioning between dishes. Stack wine glasses at the top of the box because they are the most fragile. Leave about 4 to 5 inches of space at the top to fill with white paper for cushioning.

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Payment methods

 For local moves, you must pay in full at completion of your job. Unless otherwise arranged, payment for local moves is due at the end of the job by CASH, CHECKS, or VISA/MC/DISCOVER/ /AMEX. If you wish to pay by credit card, we charge a 5% convenience fee. Payment for loading rental trucks, self-moving containers is by cash, credit card or personal checks.