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Moving out soon? Don’t know which item to lift first or which vehicle to use? We got you covered

Moving and Storage Boston

East Coast Boston Movers aims to make your move trouble-free by providing efficient moving and storage services.. We have highly-skilled personnel to take care of your beloved items from your old home to your new home. We guarantee expert handling of your belongings, secured storage, and fast delivery right at your doorstep. All you need to do is to book a service with us!

Making a request.
To book a move with East Coast Boston Movers, please follow these steps:

  • Fill Out Our Convenient Moving Quote Form

We’ve prepared a convenient moving quote form to make ordering moving services even easier. We understand that you likely have a busy, hectic schedule and don’t want to end up tied to the phone to hire professional movers to help you with your relocation. Before we can provide the most accurate quote possible while keeping in line with our honest and transparent pricing, we need to know more information and will request that from you throughout the contact form.

While completing the form, please start by selecting the specific move date that works best for you, whether it’s a weekend or a random day of the week. Once you’ve selected the date, supply your first and last name, contact number, email, current location, and destination of the move. We’ve also included a neat feature on our contact form that asks about moving size, which will help us determine how much work it will take to get everything done for you. Rooming sizes start at a single room or less and go up to five-bedroom homes. Choose the response that best matches the move you’d like to make, and someone from our team will get back to you as quickly as possible

  • Receive Your Call and Learn More Before Scheduling

Once we’ve received your information, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible because we understand that you need assistance with your move and don’t want to wait too long. We’ll contact you directly to discuss your inquiry, provide an accurate price quote, and ensure you’re ready to schedule your moving appointment. If you’re ready to book your appointment for moving services, we’ll help you select a timeframe that works best based on your availability and would like to get the move started. You can expect our fast and reliable moving experts to arrive on time within the timeframe discussed. Or if you prefer you can just click on the button that says sign estimate and the systems will guide you to scheduling your move. Please note there is a $100.00 deposit required to schedule your move which is deducted from the total cost of the move.

  • Quickly and Conveniently Schedule Your Moving Service in No Time

Scheduling your service online won’t take much time or effort. Simply put in your request for a quote based on different factors, including the size of the move and where you’re choosing to relocate, and we’ll get back to you with a price before adding you to the schedule. It’s our goal to make moving a seamless experience, whether you’re staying local or relocating to an entirely new city or state. With East Coast Boston Movers by your side, it’s possible to get everything done in less time.

Why book a moving and storage service?

East Coast Boston Movers

Proper handling

Equipment and furniture have varying handling techniques to avoid damage and time-consuming ways. East Coast Boston Movers know how to move your belongings properly at the appropriate speed. Save your energy, save your time, and SAVE YOUR BELONGINGS! We are used to handling things that are here for short term storage. As a result, we will put them where they need to be put. You can trust us as we’ve taken care of so many things no matter what the materials they are made out of. All your items will be in one piece no matter how long the trip is.


Moving out can be debilitating when you start packing items that had accumulated in your place for how long you’ve been there. To add to the pressure, you have to bring out these items out of your old place into your new place. Heavy and fragile items can make the situation even more complicated. To free you from this stressful situation, East Coast Boston Movers will do the work for you. You can sit back and relax while we move your belonging from one place to another. The next thing you know, you are in sitting like a king or queen in your new haven.

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Manage storage space

It can take more that one day and more than one trip to transfer all your items to a new home. East Coast Boston Movers have the right vehicle with the storage for your needs. If you need more time to empty your old space, our company offers storage space where you can deposit your items until your actual transfer. No matter what the size of your valuable is, you can rest assured it is completely safe with us. If ever you get worried with what you stored with us, you can always check with us as we can’t blame you for doing that and we would love to give you an update.

Long-distance transfer solved

No need to rent large vehicles and trucks for a long-distance transfer. We have the vehicle appropriate to the size and weight of your items, and the distance of your transfer. We even know the city like the back of our hands. You would be surprised at how we know all the shortcuts. Thus, we won’t get to the destination long.

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How Is the Final Cost of Your Move

Just one call away – 617-716-6501

With everything you need to prepare of your transfer, you could be transacting with different people and different companies for different needs. East Coast Boston Movers provides you with full-service from handling to transport of your items. Your moving out logistics is just one call away. We would not want to keep you waiting as it won’t be long before our highly trained customer service team would be right with you. If you don’t prefer calling then you can always send us an email in order to avail of our storage services. If ever you send us an email after office hours, then we will get back to whatever your inquiry is the next day. Yes, you can rest assure we won’t keep you waiting for too long.

The price is right

Our priority is the convenience of our customer: no worries in the physical and mental labor of moving out including finances. We offer quality services at affordable prices. Talk to our customer service about payment terms and methods suitable to you. Our storage services have gotten a bunch of positive reviews over the years from people we’ve served in the past. We are very passionate about what we do and we always look forward to serving the next one whenever that opportunity may actually be.

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Payment methods

 For local moves, you must pay in full at completion of your job. Unless otherwise arranged, payment for local moves is due at the end of the job by CASH, CHECKS, or VISA/MC/DISCOVER/ /AMEX. If you wish to pay by credit card, we charge a 5% convenience fee. Payment for loading rental trucks, self-moving containers is by cash, credit card or personal checks.