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How East Coast Boston Movers local moving works

How East Coast Boston Movers local moving works?


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The first thing to know when you are considering moving is what type of move best describe your needs.
There are several moving types for example: Local movinglong Distance movingMoving with storageOvernight Storage and more.
East one of these services are similar in name but very different on execution. on this post we are only going to talk about local moving services.

What is a local moving services? 

Generally defined as any move under 50 miles, local moves take you from one side of town to the other, or from a suburb into the city. These moves are short and generally take place over a day or two.
(in other words,  a local move is a move within the same State line)
For a local move, moving companies generally charge an hourly rate along with travel time and a fuel surcharge to local moves. While most companies include the cost of furniture blankets, tape, and shrink wrap in the cost of the move there are companies that will charge extra for these items, even though they are standard items used on every move. Be sure to pay close attention to your estimate to see what you are actually being charged for.
Local moves are, by far, the most common kind of move. According to mobility data compiled by the United States Census Bureau, about 32 million people in the U.S. moved in 2018. That’s 10.1% of the U.S. population in one year!

Well now you know what a local moving service is, now in terms of performing a local move each moving company is different or they have their own way of doing a move.
The way East Coast Boston Movers does this services is as follows:

  • East Coast Boston Movers provides a free estimate, this can be online, over the phone or an in-home estimate. At this stage the client is given an hourly rate based on the number of movers and the number of trucks needed for the move. Once we stablish the crew needed for the move, our system generate the number of hours it would take to complete the move, based on similar moves.
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An estimate is not a flat rate, it is better to be used as a thinking tool, even though we are very experience we also know that every move is different and that is the reason we charge by the hour.

  • Accepting the estimate. Once the client accept the estimate by signing online, the move will be scheduled in our system, the client will be notify the day before the move that the movers will be coming to their home or business within the arrival window given at the time of booking.
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  • The Moving Day: The movers will call the client when on their way to the origin location. Our system will also email and text the client with an ETA. Once the movers arrive the foreman or crew chief will introduce himself and the crew and ask the client to show what are they going to be moving or to be shown the house so that they can assessed it.

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  • First thing to do: The first thing the movers will start moving is all the boxes already prepared by the client unless the move requested a full packing service, if a full packing services are requested the movers will first start packing the boxes. The reason why we load the truck with boxes first is that when we are unloading we need to have the space available to place and resemble the furniture on the client desired place which is difficult and time consuming when we have to move boxes out of our way.

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    • Second thing: The movers will start wrapping the furniture with moving blankets(moving pads) to protect the items from scratches and dings and taking apart any furniture that requires it in order to take less space in the truck, make it easier to maneuver and to make sure it does not brake during transit.

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    Resemble the rooms: Part of your services is disassemble and reassemble of the furniture. once the movers have all the part of any item we disassembled they will start putting it together and in the place instructed by the client.

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At the end of every move the foreman will ask you to walk around the house to make sure is in place where the client want it and will ask if the client needs any assistance moving anything else. At this point all the moving pads are already folded the way they arrive at the clients home or business which allow a clear look at the truck to make sure everything was delivered. The foreman will ask the client to take a look at the truck to confirm.

Once everything is checked by the client and the movers the payment process will start.
Our system will calculate from the time the movers arrived at the origin and finished unloading at the destination, there are a few signature that are required in order to proceed with the payment and also an explanation of the bill to the client. Our system calculate the hours by the hourly rate and adds any materials used (boxes, mattress covers, tapes) + fuel surcharge + any additional services requested and that will give the client the total move cost. To the total cost of the move the system will deduct the deposit and will leave you with the balance due at the end of the move which can be paid by cash, credit card, check or money order.

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